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VyFinance offers an ecosystem
that‘s easy to use and accessible for

NFT Staking currently live!

Yield Farming

Let others borrow your money as a loan and earn interest for doing so

Use Crypto

Use your cryptocurrency as mining power and see how much your rewards can grow


Deposit with cryptocurrency into the international markets hedge fund and watch your money working for you

Pay in Fiat - Cash

(Feature Coming Soon) Users can participate in the hedge fund without having any crypto

Be Your Own Bank

(Feature Coming Soon) Release during stage 3 development


If it is your key, it is your money. Participating in the market without ever leaving your wallet

Community Governance

All trading fees go directly to liquidity providers. VyFi token holders can vote democratically on protocol changes

Some Firsts

First crypto backed via proprietary trading firm [International Markets]

First crypto to use Neural Net data collection for its liquidity pools

The first to provide NFT Staking, and any DeFi usecase, on the Cardano Blockchain

The first and primary yield aggregator of the Cardano Chain