VyFi | Roadmap



How do I buy VyFi?

Users will be able to purchase VyFi during our ICO, and also later earn them via our yield farms. Please note that as a Cardano Native Token (CNT), users may only purchase VyFi with Cardano (ADA).

When is the release date?

We are expected to go live with the Alonzo Mainnet and be up and running near the end of September.

When is the ICO?

Our ICO is planned for August. Join our Social Medias to keep up with the project.

What is the Tokenomic for VyFi?

There are 450 Million VyFi printed. 85% will enter circulation via Yield-Farms. 1.5% is dedicated to Airdrops and ICO. 1% will be put into the Vy Ecosystem. 2% for listing allocation. The remaining 2.5% goes to the team.

Is the code Open Sourced?

Most of our code will be open source and on our Github. The Neural Net however, will remain private.